iPhone 5

iPhone 5: First weekend sales in China top two million

News 09:11, Dec 17 2012

Apple sets a new record in China, despite appearance of slow start

Huawei Ascend P1 review

Huawei, ZTE labeled security threats by U.S.

News 14:34, Oct 08 2012

Huawei and ZTE are facing scrutiny as a U.S. government committee is trying to block their entry due to security concerns


Intel Medfield-powered Lenovo LePhone K800 launches in China

News 16:34, May 31 2012

The first Intel-powered Android 4.0 smartphone, Lenovo's LePhone K800, is now finally available

Apple Logo

Apple to meet with Proview outside of court

News 13:26, Apr 20 2012

Apple and Proview could soon reach a settlement over iPad trademark, report says

Huawei Ascend XL

ZTE & Huawei looking to ship 100 million smartphones in 2012

News 09:53, Apr 04 2012

Chinese manufacturers ZTE and Huawei are ready to carve a big slice of the smartphone market in 2012

Windows Phone Refresh Invite

Windows Phone 'Refresh' to launch March 21st in China

News 12:27, Mar 15 2012

The latest update to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform will launch on March 21st

Minerals from China fuel our smartphones and tablets, U.S.

News 15:21, Mar 13 2012

China has the minerals we need for our smartphones and iPads

Samsung smartphones beat Apple’s iPhone in China

News 15:03, Mar 12 2012

How long will it take for Apple's iPhone to really compete with Samsung in China?


Apple says ban on iPad sales would hurt China

News 12:47, Feb 22 2012

Apple tells Chinese court that Proview’s request to halt iPad sales would have negative impact on China

Apple suspending iPhone sales in China after launch day

News 11:52, Jan 13 2012

Apple has temporarily suspended iPhone sales in China after crowds turned violent during the iPhone 4S launch