Chrome iPhone app gets improved voice search

Chrome iPhone app gets better voice search

News 14:59, Jun 03 2013

The Chrome iPhone app can now understand what you're saying better

Opera switching to WebKit

Opera switching browser to WebKit

News 14:05, Feb 13 2013

Opera will be transitioning its Web browsing engine to the Google-backed WebKit

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: how to disable bloatware

User guides 18:39, Feb 07 2013

Disable almost any unwanted app on your Galaxy Note 2 with our simple guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: how to install Google Chrome

User guides 20:19, Jan 31 2013

Install Google Chrome for Android quite easily with our quick how-to guide

Google Chrome has already nabbed 1.5 percent of iOS browser

News 01:24, Jul 19 2012

Google Chrome already owns 1.5% of the iOS browser market

Chrome browser coming to iPhone, iPad

News 13:32, Jun 28 2012

Google is bringing its Chrome browser to iOS but it's unclear if it can be better than Safari


Google Chrome for Android leaves beta, now available in

News 17:03, Jun 27 2012

One of the best Android browsers around -- Google Chrome -- has finally left beta and is now available for download

Google Logo

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad purportedly on its way

News 09:47, May 15 2012

Research group says Google Chrome browser for iOS is coming soon, but does it really matter?

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

Android 5.0 to launch in Q2 for tablets only?

News 11:25, Mar 19 2012

Jelly Bean may be with users sooner than expected, reports claim

Chrome for Android beta is here! Except you probably can't

News 15:24, Feb 07 2012

Chrome for Android beta is available in the Android Market, but only for Ice Cream Sandwich users