Android dominating smartphone sales

News 12:23, Nov 14 2012

Android accounted for more than 70 percent of worldwide sales last quarter, according to Gartner numbers


iPad to own tablet market until at least 2014

News 17:39, Sep 23 2011

A report from Gartner today lowered its estimate for Android tablets and projected the iPad will account for nearly three-quarters of tablet sales this year

Pile of Cell Phones

Gartner: Smartphone sales up 96% in Q3, mobile phones up

News 10:13, Nov 10 2010

Global phone sales for Q3 shed some interesting light on the state of the wireless industry

Pile of Cell Phones

Global device sales rose 13.8 percent in Q2 2010

News 08:31, Aug 12 2010

Gartner says sales boomed, while the need for low prices cut margins last quarter

iPhone Boxes

Apple and Android fuel 48% growth in worldwide smartphone

News 13:35, May 19 2010

Android has surpassed Windows Mobile on the worldwide stage and, along with Apple, has helped fuel a 48.7% growth in the smartphone market

Pile of Cell Phones

Worldwide cell phone sales flat for 2009, but surged 8% in

News 12:54, Feb 23 2010

RIM and Apple smartphone market share up in 2009 - Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson down

ZTE Vairy Touch

T-Mobile introduces ZTE Vairy touchscreen phone

News 07:47, Nov 06 2009

ZTE’s Vairy Touch will be made available by T-Mobile as a Prepay handset