Mwc 2013

ZTE Grand Memo from MWC 2013

Phablets take center stage at Mobile World Congress 2013

News 04:38, Mar 01 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013 saw the introduction of many large screen phones and full-on tablet as a phone

Nokia Lumia 720 hands-on preview

Windows Phone 8 phones are upgradeable

News 03:57, Feb 28 2013

Microsoft confirmed that existing devices will be able to get the next full version of Windows Phone

Samsung Tizen phone coming this year

Samsung Tizen phone launching this year

News 09:21, Feb 27 2013

Samsung and potentially Huawei, will release a smartphone powered by Tizen some time this year

Mopho from Mobile World Congress 2013

Mopho makes your phone camera better

News 08:31, Feb 27 2013

The Mopho software will let you do things like adjust the focus and make videos less shaky

Mobile World Congress best of

5 hot phones from Mobile World Congress 2013

News 06:39, Feb 27 2013

Asus, Nokia, ZTE and Huawei had some interesting phones at Mobile World Congress 2013

Samsung 8-core chip

Samsung Wallet takes on Apple Passbook

News 06:00, Feb 27 2013

Samsung showed off a Passbook competitor that will let you manage your tickets and coupons

ZTE Grand Memo from MWC 2013

ZTE Grand Memo review: First impressions

News 05:29, Feb 26 2013

The latest phablet comes from ZTE, as the Grand Memo sports a large 5.7-inch display


Google launching Spotify competitor?

News 03:42, Feb 26 2013

Google is reportedly going to launch a streaming music service to boost Android

Nokia aims low

Nokia aims low ... and that's okay

News 03:36, Feb 26 2013

Nokia is not forgetting about the emerging markets and will try to bring smartphones to a wider audience

Sony may make Firefox OS

Sony to make Firefox OS phone

News 02:54, Feb 26 2013

Sony committed to making at least one Firefox OS phone and this may show the platform is gaining steam