Is Nokia's "Normandy" a budget Android-powered Lumia?

News 09:41, Dec 12 2013

Nokia is reportedly preparing to deliver an Android device in early 2014

Nokia's Lumia could have been powered by Google's Android

News 08:35, Sep 16 2013

Nokia nearly ditched Microsoft's Windows Phone platform for Google's Android, a new report claims

Microsoft's Cortana to take on Apple's Siri

News 09:20, Sep 13 2013

Cortana is said to be Microsoft's answer to Google Now and Apple's Siri. Will the new voice-activated assistant have what it takes?

Nokia Lumia 1520 "Bandit" leaks online

News 08:09, Aug 29 2013

Nokia's Galaxy Note competitor is coming soon, according to new leak

Nokia "Bandit" Windows Phone phablet coming this fall

News 08:28, Aug 20 2013

The Nokia "Bandit" is rumored to sport a 1080p display and a quad-core CPU

Google blocks YouTube Windows Phone app (again)

News 09:20, Aug 16 2013

Microsoft's YouTube Windows Phone app has been shut down yet again; Microsoft responds

Windows Phone 8 gets beefed-up business features

News 08:59, Jul 11 2013

Microsoft makes Windows Phone 8 more appealing to businesses with an update

Microsoft's next phone could read your mood (yes, for real)

News 12:56, Jul 03 2013

Microsoft's mood-reading tech could toy with your emotions. Would you use it?

Windows 8.1 features and release date

Features 13:30, Jun 26 2013

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 launch happens soon. Here's what you can expect

Microsoft taking on Apple with eyes-free in car services

News 05:12, Jun 24 2013

Microsoft is trying to take on Apple's in-car Siri services with its own eyes-free and gesture-based operation