Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 reduces charging times

News 13:51, Feb 20 2013

Upcoming Snapdragon devices will use the Quick Charge 2.0 technology to let you charge faster

Qualcomm booth tour from CES 2013

CES 2013: Qualcomm booth tour

Features 13:57, Jan 11 2013

The Qualcomm CES 2013 booth featured Snapdragon devices, a Rolls-Royce and more

LG Optimus G introduced

LG Optimus G coming to AT&T

News 16:33, Oct 03 2012

The Optimus G is LG's first quad-core, 4G LTE-capable smartphone, and it's coming soon

Qualcomm chips vs. the competition

Does is matter which processor you have?

News 17:35, Sep 20 2012

Qualcomm is touting its Snapdragon processor over the competitors

Galaxy Nexus-sequel-Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Nexus sequel could sport 1.5GHz CPU,

News 08:37, Aug 21 2012

Samsung's rumored GT-i9260 looks to be a mildly refreshed Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Qualcomm struts its stuff at Uplinq

Features 13:50, Jun 29 2012

Qualcomm showed why its the industry leader at its Uplinq conference

US-bound Galaxy S3 to feature Snapdragon S4 chips, claims

News 20:13, Apr 26 2012

Samsung's Galaxy S3 U.S. models may feature Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processors, instead of the standard, in-house Exynos 4412 CPU

nvidia-tegra 3

NVIDIA Tegra 3+ with 4G LTE coming later this year

News 16:17, Apr 20 2012

NVIDIA's all-new Tegra 3+ SoC with full 4G LTE support is due to arrive in Q3

Are quad-core smartphones a big deal?

Features 13:14, Feb 13 2012

We’ll see a bunch of quad-core smartphones at Mobile World Congress, but will this extra power lead to a better experience?


Qualcomm S4 CPU powers first successful voice-over LTE to

News 10:37, Feb 02 2012

Qualcomm has demoed the first successful test of a mid-call LTE to WCDMA transfer