Opera webkit browser available

Opera WebKit browser launches for Android

News 13:38, Mar 05 2013

Opera has put its WebKit browser in beta for Android devices

Opera switching to WebKit

Opera switching browser to WebKit

News 14:05, Feb 13 2013

Opera will be transitioning its Web browsing engine to the Google-backed WebKit

BlackBerry 6 Browser Tests

BlackBerry 6 browser goes up against iPhone, Android [Video]

News 07:16, Jul 19 2010

RIM's new WebKit-based browser goes up against the iPhone's Safari browser and Android's browser in a head to head (to head) run down

BlackBerry 6 Video

BlackBerry 6 shown off in official video; BlackBerry

News 11:59, Jul 12 2010

Not to be outdone by leaks, RIM has released its own BlackBerry 6.0 video alongside the announcement of BlackBerry Protect

Opera Mini

Opera Mini for BlackBerry review

Reviews 08:56, Mar 22 2010

We review Opera Mini for BlackBerry, a browser that makes RIM's native browser cower in fear

Webkit BlackBerry Browser

RIM unveils new WebKit-based BlackBerry Web browser

News 10:44, Feb 16 2010

BlackBerry users will soon have one less complaint thanks to RIM's upcoming WebKit-based Web browser

Opera Mini iPhone

Opera Mini for the iPhone will be revealed at MWC; don't

News 10:48, Feb 10 2010

Against all odds, Opera appears to be making another attempt to get a version of its Mini browser on the iPhone