iPad and iPhone

iOS still dominates the enterprise space

News 13:34, Feb 26 2013

More iOS devices get activated in the enterprise space than Android

Microsoft all in with Windows 8

Microsoft 'all in' with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8

News 15:21, Oct 30 2012

Microsoft pushes its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms as it seeks relevance in the post-PC world

Windows 8 is here

Windows 8 is here: everything you need to know

News 14:28, Oct 25 2012

Windows 8 lands Friday and we break down what it means to you and your devices

Microsoft Surface tablet ad

Microsoft posts good quarter as Windows 8 looms

News 16:33, Oct 18 2012

Microsoft posts strong profits before Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Surface are released

Windows 8-Microsoft

Microsoft Surface to retail for $199, claims report

News 17:32, Aug 14 2012

Microsoft could be getting ready to sell its Surface tablet for a low, low price

How to install Android 4.0 on your Samsung Galaxy Note

How to 16:48, Jul 10 2012

Learn how to easily install Android 4.0 ICS on your Galaxy Note with this quick guide


How to install Android 4.0 on your Samsung Galaxy S II

How to 12:45, Jul 10 2012

Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy S II Skyrocket in just a few easy steps

Windows 8-Microsoft

Windows Phone 8 handsets coming to Verizon, AT&T and

News 17:03, Jun 20 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 devices will launch on AT&T, T-Mobile USA and AT&T, although no release dates have been announced

Microsoft's Windows 8

No Windows 8 tablets from HTC?

News 10:21, Jun 07 2012

Has Microsoft decided to preclude HTC from producing tablets based upon its upcoming Windows 8 platform?

LightSquared files for bankruptcy

News 20:20, May 14 2012

LightSquared, a wholesale wireless company, has finally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy