Ipad 4th Generation

iPad for taking pictures

Getting started with your iPad

News 01:21, Dec 25 2012

Get an iPad for Christmas? Here's your getting started guide

Apple iPad mini review

iPad mini: Apple says it nearly sold out, but neglects to

News 10:13, Nov 05 2012

Apple says it practically sold out of its new iPad mini, but just how many units left store shelves?

ipad mini now official

iPad mini review roundup

News 10:15, Oct 31 2012

Get the skinny on Apple's iPad mini with some of our favorite reviews on the Web

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iPad mini: 5 reasons not to buy one

News 13:34, Oct 24 2012

Before you buy Apple's tiny tablet, consider these reasons to wait

iPad mini

iPad mini: Five reasons to buy one

News 13:34, Oct 24 2012

Thinking of buying Apple's 7.9-inch tablet? Check out this list of things we like about it

Apple offers iPad 4th gen upgrade path

News 16:45, Oct 23 2012

If you bought an iPad 3 within the last 30 days, Apple will offer you a refund for the iPad 4th generation

iPad mini starts at

iPad mini and iPad 4th generation models coming to Sprint

News 14:49, Oct 23 2012

Sprint was quick to announce that it will carry the iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad

iPad 4th generation revealed

News 14:06, Oct 23 2012

Apple introduces its latest full-size iPad with an A6X chip