Map Apps

iOS 6 Beta

iOS 6 updates are in full swing now that Google Maps is

News 09:28, Dec 19 2012

iPhone owners show Apple some serious lovin' thanks to Google Maps

Nokia Here Maps

Nokia's Here Maps app hopes to transform the way we travel

News 09:41, Nov 20 2012

Nokia's new mapping service is now available in Apple's App Store. Will it live up to its hype?

iOS 6-iPhone-iPad

iOS 6 Maps: Did Apple ditch Google too soon?

News 09:42, Sep 20 2012

Apple's new mapping system is so flawed, it's driving grown men to tempter tantrums


Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: the mobile war heats up

News 11:30, Jun 05 2012

Google and Apple are ready to duke it out over mobile maps

Google Maps announcement scheduled just ahead of Apple's

News 13:28, Jun 01 2012

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: The battle begins