Mobile Browser

Opera switching to WebKit

Opera switching browser to WebKit

News 14:05, Feb 13 2013

Opera will be transitioning its Web browsing engine to the Google-backed WebKit

Dolphin Browser releases update for Android

News 13:56, Feb 29 2012

Dolphin’s new search feature, Sonar, lets you browse with your voice


Opera Mobile Store debuts, bringing mobile apps to over 200

News 10:37, Mar 08 2011

World-renowned browser maker Opera launches its own app store

Opera Mini for iPhone

Opera Mini browser now available for the iPhone

News 08:05, Apr 13 2010

Against all odds, the Opera Mini browser for the iPhone was actually approved by Apple

Nokia Acquires Novarra

Nokia acquires mobile Web browser company Novarra

News 15:02, Mar 26 2010

Nokia is looking to beef up its S40 mobile Internet experience by acquiring browser-maker Novarra

Opera Mini for iPhone

Opera Mini browser for the iPhone now awaiting approval

News 11:37, Mar 23 2010

Knowing full well that their odds of acceptance are slim, Opera has gone ahead and submitted its Mini browser to Apple for approval

iPhone Taptu

The new era of the touch Web

Features 11:27, Feb 05 2010

Know Your Cell sits down with Taptu CEO Steve Ives to discuss a new wave of websites that are intuitive and finger-friendly

Firefox Mobile for the Nokia N900

Mozilla's Firefox for Mobile launches for the Nokia N900,

News 08:47, Feb 01 2010

Mozilla's new mobile browser has been released for the Maemo OS and is available for download by Nokia N810 and N900 users