Your cell phone is making these people sick

News 12:32, Apr 18 2013

Cell phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, it all makes these folks very ill

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung wants your phones to have soul

News 16:48, Mar 16 2013

Samsung said it wants to look beyond just hardware improvements and deliver devices that enhance and enrich users' lives

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung names co-CEOs

News 12:17, Mar 15 2013

Samsung has named a pair to lead the company, which is somewhat odd in the technology field

Samsung Galaxy S4 official

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

News 19:40, Mar 14 2013

Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 stack up against the iPhone 5? We pit the two against each other to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S4 gets photo-bombed by LG

Samsung Galaxy S4 gets photo-bombed by LG

News 13:48, Mar 14 2013

LG is trying to deflect attention away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Getting ready for the Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 leads to sales on Galaxy S3, Note 2 from

News 11:36, Mar 14 2013

Amazon is giving deep discounts on the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 when you sign up for a new contract


HTC One coming to Verizon

News 13:07, Mar 13 2013

The HTC One superphone will be coming to Verizon after all, according to a report

BlackBerry Z10 first look

Lenovo may buy BlackBerry

News 16:17, Mar 12 2013

Lenovo CEO said that a deal for BlackBerry could make sense as it looks for a stronger mobile presence

Android tablets outsell iPad in 2013

Android tablets to outsell iPad this year

News 13:41, Mar 12 2013

IDC said low-cost tablets will sell well and that smaller-sized tablets are on the rise

iCoolhunt app

iCoolhunt app is like Pinterest meets Foursquare

News 12:57, Mar 12 2013

The new iCoolhunt app is trying to help users spot popular trends before it goes mainstream