Windows Phone 8.1 release date and specs rumors

Features Stacy Warden 14:59, Jun 24 2013

Here's a list of what you can likely expect from Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Build kicks off on June 26 and we’ll be covering it as it all unfolds. The company is expected to launch the latest version of its OS, Windows 8.1 during the event. Microsoft has revealed many details about Windows 8.1 along the way, but it still remains uncertain what exactly we can expect to see for the phone version.

While we're anxiously waiting and hoping to hear more about Windows Phone 8.1, we've rounded up all the rumors we could find on it. Here's what we've learned so far. 


Keep in mind that Windows Phone 8.1 is not a brand new OS, but rather an improved upon version of its predecessor. That said, it's still expected to be a huge upgrade over Windows Phone 8. Version 8.1 will reportedly support larger, higher resolution screens, quad-core processors, more memory and new features including Wi-Fi AC.

Of some of this, we can be certain, as Qualcomm has already announced new quad-core chipsets that support Windows Phone 8.1. One is based on a new, Krait 300 quad-core chipset with Adreno 305 GPU, while the other is a Snapdragon 400 chipset with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and LTE support.

Notification Center

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to feature a Notification Center in a similar style as rivals like Android and iOS. This would likely require little more than a swipe of the finger (either from the top or bottom of the screen) to access the feature. Once opened, the Notification Center could appear as a scrollable list, allowing you to tweak a variety of settings.


Both Nokia and HTC have developed prototypes of their flagship phones that run on Windows Phone 8.1. Previously we saw reports of Windows Phone 8.1 running on Nokia's Lumia 920 and HTC's 8X devices.

Release date and availability

While Windows Phone 8 launch is set to happen during Microsoft’s Build event this week, it may be a touch longer before the world gets its hands on Windows Phone 8.1. Some earlier rumors suggested that the phone version could launch right alongside Windows 8.1, but it doesn't appear to coming together as quickly as some hoped.

The latest news suggests that we might not see the latest phone version until early 2014. When it does finally hit the market for mass consumption, Windows Phone 8 users will receive version 8.1 as a free upgrade via the Windows Update service.

We want to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below what you're hoping to see from Windows Phone 8.1. 

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I want few features in 8.1:-
1. Ability to install apps in SD card.
2. Ability to download any thing in SD card.
3. Play any kind of video formats.
4. Full Bluetooth support.
5. File explorer

also ability to install apps without internet connection (offline)

install apps without an internet connection, I cant think of anyway of doing that.. :-/ no way of doing it anyway.

you have to download an app in the first place. as for sideloading.. i'd much prefer just to download.

When will windows phone 8.1 available on windows phone store..How to install it?

Ability to intercept SMS and calls. Many applications for Android and iOS are great also because they can do that. Siri, for example. There is no way in hell you can do in Windows Phone the same things you can in iOS, and that's a shame.

If WP 8.1 would be as functional as iOS, I would forgive it even its ugly user interface (comparing to Android Jelly Bean, anyway).

It isn't an app that you can install it from store, it's an update that can be received from settings.

6. Disable vibration 3 buttons

LOL....stick to your static UI.....ugly as to a dated OS UI TO ANDROID AND IOS....ROFLMAO
.I guess it was picked OS of the year by mistake....wink wink...

Was that written in English?..

Interesting, that in months that passed since publishing this comment, Microsoft added this functionality to Windows Phone, together with a Siri "replacement". Am I not a prophet?

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